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Physical Demand Analysis

A Physical Demand Analysis (PDA) report is a detailed, illustrated quantitative analysis of the essential and nonessential physical demands required of a worker to perform the essential duties of their assigned job. Detailed PDAs are the foundation of a great ergonomics program with many uses.

  • Used for Claims Management in Compatibility Assessments to determine work-relatedness of an injury, for development of Remain At Work and RTW programs as well as for Safe and Suitable Job Match Analysis.
  • To develop site-specific Pre-Placement Post Offer Screening.
  • To identify Ergonomic Job Stressors associated with a job and in what specific sub tasks, when completing an Ergonomic Assessment or Risk Analysis.
  • For Job Rotation analysis
  • To determine appropriate Education and Training requirements for team members

Ergonomic Assessments & Risk Assessments

Identify ergonomic job stressors and quantify the relative risk to injury by population, based on the frequency & duration of exposure to the ergonomic job stressors.

Risk Analyses are a great means of prioritizing your Ergonomic efforts and can be used with Incident and Claims Analysis to target problematic workstations and tasks.  Take your risk assessments one step further to determine potential control measures and the effectiveness of those control measures at eliminating or minimizing exposure to ergonomic job stressors in your workplace.

Job Rotation

Looking for an administrative control that; reduces monotony, achieves cross training, stimulates the minds of your team members and minimizes the exposure to ergonomic stressors in specific tasks then Job Rotation may be an option that fits.


Equipment Design and Workstation Review Assessments

Are your Engineering and Designing teams introducing user friendly equipment and workstations that promotes neutral work postures & minimizes handling frequency as well as strength demands for greater than 75% of your working population? Minimizing the frequency of incidents and injuries reported?

  • Do your teams have a site specific ergonomic guideline to reference when designing equipment or to provide vendors building equipment? Did you know that introducing ergonomic review at the blueprint stage of new equipment and workstations can cost as little as 10% of the cost to retrofit equipment and workstations after they are on the shop floor.

Is one of your goals to be more proactive in preventing injuries?  We can help, just another part of our 360° of Innovative Ergonomics, Contact Us to learn more.

Worksite Injury Compatibility Assessments

Ever wonder if a team member’s injury or disability was a result of the workplace demands?

  • Our trained professional team of Ergonomists can provide you with an unbiased professional opinion regarding the work relatedness of an injury or disability by comparing the work demands to the mechanism of injury reported.
  • This “third-party” professional opinion report is just one piece of the 360° of Innovative Ergonomics offered by our team for effective Claims Management and Minimizing Injury and Disability Costs.

Job Hazard Safety Analysis

These task and workstation specific documents are an invaluable tool for your front line team members for communicating potential safety hazards and necessary PPE to ensure they leave work the same way they arrived.

  • Identify potential pinch points
  • Exposure to noise
  • Chemicals
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Bump hazards
  • Repetitive movements
  • Awkward postures
  • Impact
  • Vibration
  • Unusual force
  • Or strength demands.

Safe Job Procedures

Combine the hazard analysis with safe job procedures to complete the circle of communication, ensuring your team members are working in a safe manner to minimize the potential risk to injury while meeting legislative requirements.  Visual, easy to read and concise.  Contact Us to learn more.