360° of Innovative Ergonomics™


Ergonomics for Manufacturing offers full-service consulting, assessment, screening, and claims management by working with your team to improve the health and well-being of your employees in your work environment.

Injury Prevention Program

Ergonomics for Manufacturing Inc.’s customized programs and experience working with hundreds of clients from a variety of industry sectors makes us the perfect choice to assist you and your team to get your ergonomic program underway.

  • We will work with your team to develop a regular worksite visit schedule or project timeline to provide education, assessments, discussions and reviews to integrate ergonomic practices into the daily operations of your workplace.
  • You can count on your Innovative Ergonomics program to be practical, proactive and accountable for positive outcomes.
  • Integrating ergonomic practices into daily operations will ensure it supports your everyday objectives for Safety, Growth, Improvement, Productivity & Quality while remaining Sustainable for years to come
  • Our very own injury tracking methods enable you to assess and direct not only your Ergonomic efforts but also identifies opportunities for improvement in your Health and Safety Program.

Use this Quick Checklist to evaluate your current Ergonomic Program to see where we can help you improve.

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Pre-Placement Post Offer Screening

Are your applicants “Fit for Duty”?  Can they perform the bona-fide essential demands of the jobs in your workplace?  What pre-existing conditions are they bringing to your workplace?  Ergonomics for Manufacturing Inc.’s work site-specific, customized Pre-Placement Post Offer Screening tool can answer these questions.

  • Our customized PPPO screening tool is an essential administrative component of our 360° of Innovative Ergonomics™, it is a proactive tool used to determine an applicant’s suitability to fulfill the demands at your workplace before they are hired.
  • The screening tool may include tests of strength, endurance, range of movement, mobility, work simulation and dexterity as they directly reflect the essential demands of the job or group of jobs an applicant is applying for. Following testing your Human Resource team will receive a summary sheet outlining the applicants “Fit for Duty” or “NOT Fit for Duty”. Our team members will develop a site-specific testing protocol with written policies and procedures, test elements and forms to ensure the test remains both valid and reliable from one evaluator to the next.
Pre-Placement Post Offer Screening1
Pre-Placement Post Offer Screening2

Office Assessments

Office ergonomics can be as simple as adjusting and organizing current equipment and work spaces to a few key purchases to enable neutral work postures.  Our team can educate, assess and recommend solutions that promote a healthy and productive office environment, just part of our 360° of Innovative Ergonomics™ for your workplace.

Individual Workstation Assessments
  • These short 1-to-1 assessments involve, coaching, seating adjustments, re-arranging desktops, trialling changes and making recommendations that are designed to meet your team members’ specific needs for comfort, support and productivity. If agreeable with your team member we will make as many immediate changes and job coaching recommendations as possible using what is on hand.
  • The short, to the point reports, generated for these quick office assessments detail only what you need to know to make informed decisions on how to improve your workplace for your team members.
Team training

As lunch and learn, or committee training, train your team to:

  • assess office workstations
  • identify awkward postures and poor work habits
  • make the necessary changes or recommendations to improve comfort and productivity

Claims Management Assistance

Just one part of our 360° of Innovative Ergonomics for a healthy and productive workplace.  Getting your team members back to productive work in a timely and safe manner that meets legislative requirements and minimizes your disability & injury costs.

Work Site Injury Compatibility Assessments
  • Ever wonder if a team member’s injury or disability was a result of the workplace demands? Our trained professional team of Ergonomists can provide you with unbiased professional opinion regarding the work relatedness of an injury or disability by comparing the work demands to the mechanism of injury reported.
  • This “third-party” professional opinion report is just what WSIB and Insurance Carriers are looking for, for effective Claims Management and to Minimize Injury and Disability Costs.
Remain at Work & Return to Work Programs
  • Identify and list colour coded jobs in your workplace that can be used for safe and suitable temporary accommodation of workplace injuries by body part injured.
  • Do you have team members struggling with getting back to their pre-injury work, let us help to identify and plan for a timely return to pre-injury work, not only will we identify a safe and suitable plan but monitor and meet with your injured team member on a regular basis to ensure the plan is progressing. If you would like for us to communicate with WSIB on you behalf, our team of professionals would be more than happy to accomodate.
Safe & Suitable Job Match Analysis

Questions about job suitability? Let our team of Certified Professional Ergonomists complete an unbiased comprehensive Job Match Analysis of the work demands versus the physical precautions of an injured team member.

On-Site Job Coaching

Working one-on-one with your injured worker to determine and communicate best work practices to neutralize working postures & minimize handling demands and strength is often a key element for avoiding aggravation of an injury. Coaching may involve instruction about posturing, altering work techniques and work habits, workstation arrangement, use of passive and active breaks for pain control & stretching, application of heat or cold and hurt versus harm.

Incident and Claims Analysis

Ever wonder where you should start? Where to focus some corrective measures? Or what to tackle first? Our very own injury tracking methods enable you to assess and direct not only your Ergonomic efforts but also identifies opportunities for improvement in your Health and Safety & Wellness Programs. A comprehensive look at the; who, what, where and when of your incidents and claims can identify where you need to direct your efforts. Contact us to discuss more.