Training to Fit Your Team

The Best of the Best, training geared to your workplace, with site-specific examples. Ergonomics for Manufacturing offers customized training geared specifically toward your company’s needs and the results of our assessments. Our goal is to impart as much useable knowledge to your team members as possible so that your staff leaves feeling they can do something for themselves or their team members to create a safe, healthy and productive work place.

Office Ergonomics

Does your team know how to adjust the ergonomic chair they have for maximum support and comfort?  Do they know how to set up their workstation to allow for neutral work postures? Have you seen a team member cradling the phone hand set between their shoulder and ear? In less than 60 minutes our Certified Professional Ergonomists can walk your team members step by step through the principles of good workstation set up, good work methods and how to make simple changes to improve their comfort at their office workstation.  Set up training as a lunch and learn or as it fits your team.


Ergonomic Awareness & Best Work Practices

Empower your team with the knowledge to allow them to identify ergonomic job stressors they can control by making simple adjustments in grip locations and handling techniques to minimize their risk to developing unnecessary and strains and sprains.

Our 360° of innovative Ergonomics Best Practices training is specific to each workplace and their unique workstations, we use specific worksite examples of what to do to encourage good work practices that minimize

  • strain on muscles and joints,
  • eliminate unnecessary extra handling,
  • minimize exposure to impact or vibration,
  • promote active muscle recovery during a work cycle and
  • Teach team members how to counter the ill effects of less than optimal work demands with stretching

Ergonomic Design Guidelines for Engineers

Educate and provide your Engineering team with the tools and knowledge they need by promoting natural work postures and minimize handling frequency as well as strength demands. Your engineers will leave with an ergonomic guideline and checklist and learn how to design ergonomically friendly workstations and to evaluate tools for purchase. Learn more

Ergonomics for your JHSC, H & S team members or HR

This 1-day workshop will educate and inform your team members:

  • How to identify ergonomic job stressors
  • Quantify relative Risk to Injury
  • Strategies to identify and prioritize control measures to eliminate or reduce exposure to the ergonomic job stressors
  • Contact us to learn more.

Remain At Work, Return to Work & Accommodations Training

Train your team members about the essential steps in a successful and timely Remain @ Work or RTW program that works for your company, facilitating the management of incidents and injuries for a quick return to regular duties and containment of costs.  Contact us 

  • We will review WSIBs’ timelines, forms and requirements
  • Strategies to identify safe and suitable work based on FAF and standard medical precautions of body part specific injuries
  • Offering 7 days of temporary accommodation
  • Offering modified safe and suitable work in WRITING with employee sign off
  • Creating an RTW plan
  • Monitoring and progressing a return to work, communicating with WSIB
  • What to do if permanent modified duties are needed
  • Closing a WSIB claim